Spaced out Update v1.1

Spaced out has been updated! This update is pretty big. file size for the apk is almost twice the size. Alright i won't hold you up.


  • Valor, a new playable gunship has been added. With new weapons!

  • Background visuals have been updated

  • Fixed countdown timer for ghost

  • Fixed boobytrapper mine bug

  • Fixed ghost back up button, wasnt spawning and destroying properly

  • Lightning wall now properly hits all enemies

  • Scrap has been added. This spawns randomly along with ammo and health on the field

  • Barracks has been added, you need to collect scrap to produce units

  • rogue unit (melee)

  • Fixed barki boomerang collision on colliding with boobytrapper

  • Fixed mothership flash when hit, now properly appear on mothership

  • Fixed the reset on gametime when the round has ended and a new one starts

  • Quadcannons and sniperminions now properly move along with the player, instead of 'lagging' along

  • Fixed Guided shell, it can properly make turns from any angle. making a 180 degrees turn is now possible too

  • Download and play links have been updated