Some explanation

By clicking the button below you can play the game in your browser directly without downloading with all devices. This goes for mobile/tablet devices aswell (also apple). You can play it full screen too. Remember that this game is made for touch, so i strongly suggest you play it on a mobile/tablet device. Keyboard and mouse won't work.

Bear in mind that for some devices (mostly older ones), the performance may be poor. This only applies when you play in browser.  If you download and install the game the performance will be much better. Also note that this game is in alpha stage. You don't have to register for anything, simply click the button and play.
Play the game

Download the game

If you wish to download and play the game click the download button below. Installing is easy and doesn't require you to take any sketchy steps. Simply download, transfer to your desired device (remember android only for now), and install. You don't have to let your device trust unknown developers, no rooting, no survey, no payments, no ads etc. Download, transfer, install, play.