1. What needs to be done?

    Alot really. I still have many ideas i need to implement.
    For a current full view of what needs to be done i recommend you hop along the checklist page. You can also put your idea's or suggestions on the game on the updates page. If i think your idea is great i will add it to the checklist. The checklist changes so it's not a fixed plan. It's just a up-to-date to-do list. 

  2. Innovative UI

    Your UI includes 3 action bars. Weapons, turrets, and spells each have their own actionbar. Drag and resize them wherever you want, how you want. Or you can completely close and open them while maintaining their size and position.
    On the top of your screen you will see a minimap which indicate everything you need to now.

    Detailed minimap
    Drag&Drop to place turrets
  3. Examples of allied turrets


    Examples of enemies
    Enemies spawn continiously including bosses. Defeating bosses opens up new upgrades and you will be able to get stronger. Gain access to new spells, weapons, turrets, and perks to Survive in this hardcore survival. This game will be highscore based, and does not require leveling.

    When you die your score will be uploaded. On start of the next round everything will be resetted. If this game does well on the market, tournaments are going to be on the list. Coop tournaments will be made aswell.

    Rare allies will occur and if you have proven yourself while fighting along them, they will join your alliance - Gaining the ability to spawn them.

    your score is also your curruncy in this game, so it's wise not to spam. Place your defenses smart in this big map, and they will help you greatly in this journey.

    One other resource this game uses is rage. You gain rage when getting hit by the enemy or when certain allies get destroyed. Rage can then be used for spells. These offer great opertunities in either offense or defense. Examples are lightning wall, Exploding rage, Freeze time.

    In this game you also have the ability to create portals. These offer great ganking options as you can imagine. However there are multiple uses to using portals, use your imagination. You will be able to upgrade portals in the future giving them a change in gameplay.

    You can also spawn buildings in this game. An example is the barracks. The barracks is a pretty expensive building, but you should be getting one easily after killing enemy bosses. To produce units, you need scrap. Scrap spawns randomly throughout the field along with ammo and health and roams at a slow rate. Even if you don't have a barracks yet, it's wise to collect scrap for obvious reasons.

     'Ghost' is an example of a rare ally
    Always collect scrap!
  4. What is this game about?

    "Spaced out is a mobile (android for now) top down surival arcade shooter with tower defense elements. On release this game will be buy to play. This game will proof to be Challanging to users and it is meant to be so. Everything is hand drawn and created by me. This is a one man operation without copy and pasting from google."

    Gameplay video