1. Prototype Ideas

    • Energy blaster (Allied turret). Shoots homing energy bolts, has slow fire rate but never misses. Good damage. Decent health.

    • Rage generator (Building). Generates ±5 rage per 5 seconds. destroyed with 1 shot, so defend it well.

    • Teutonic knight (ally). This will be a melee unit who is immune to melee damage. Moves slowly and is expensive. For every ranged hit the knight receives he doubles his damage output. When this unit dies you receive ±5 rage. High health.

    • Rogue (ally). Melee unit. this unit is not expensive and Moves fast but does low damage. low-medium health. Completed

    • Elite boobytrapper (ally). Becomes available for purchase if you have barracks (to buy it) and when 50 enemy boobytrappers are killed. spawns mines at twice the rate with x0.5 the damage. Moves somewhat faster and has the same amount of health (high). Medium cost.

    • Wall (Building). Blocks 5 projectiles in total no matter the damage. Melee units colliding into the wall simply bounce off and don't subtract any health from the wall. Fairly cheap.
    • Shield (minion). Costs and blocks twice as much as wall. Difference is that a minion sticks with you.

  2. High Priority

    • Visual background update Completed

    • New enemies | Bosses | Perks | Minions | Turrets | Allies | Spells | Weapons | Gunships

    • Upgraded Bullet visuals
    • Buildings e.g. Barracks | ammo generator | rage generator | Walls ​​​ Barracks has been added

    • Re-organise ui to make things more clear

    • Change font to a more readable font

  3. Medium Priority

    • Game sounds. e.g. atmosphere sounds, gun sounds, collision sounds, etc.

    • Coop multiplayer survival game mode
    • Basic mechanics tutorial

  4. Low Priority

    • Life time statistics in the main menu

    • Statistics on the end of played round

    • Achievements. Some will possibly unlock parts of the game when achieved. This mean new worlds to play in, unlocking gunships, new allies etc.

    • Tournaments. This will only be implemented if the popularity is decent

    • Online highscore boards. Measure your stats vs. others. switchable between Lifetime or best round​​